About Me - Cristina Loutfi

Ever since I was five or six years old, I have loved taking pictures.  I enjoyed spending time outdoors, and  could always be seen with a camera capturing images of the scenery around me. On every trip or adventure, I would snap away to my heart's desire until the roll of film was done.  Then have my mom or dad take them to the Photomat and I would eagerly wait for them to be developed.  I still remember the excitement of picking up my pictures and studying each one!

Thirty plus years later, and a lot has changed, but I still turn to my camera for every occasion. Every season. Every beautiful thing I find in nature. For me, looking through my lens allows me to appreciate the beauty in everything.

One of the greatest things in my life has been my time spent with my two daughters.  As a stay at home mom, I have been given many opportunities to capture every stage of their lives. I'm always right there to catch the funny moments and precious memories that they have given me, as well as all of our special life events. There is something wonderful about discovering a moment and turning it into a memory. This is my passion.  For myself.  For others.

I am dedicated to helping preserve your memories in the most beautiful way that I can. Your input is most important to me, so that I know exactly what you want.   I look forward to meeting you and having fun creating memories!


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